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Wipro Technologies Company Profile

Wipro Technologies Company Profile
In the year of 1945, in pre–independent India, a vision was born, which would eventually stand out as a brand name synonymous with innovation and integrity. Starting off with consumer products business, Wipro then diversified into newer areas including IT hardware and IT services. Such has been the dynamic power of the organization that over the past 50 years, Wipro has evolved into a leading global IT company, a company which has pioneered many an innovation in the IT services, BPO and R&D services space.
Headquartered at Bangalore, India, we at Wipro implement the philosophy of 'Applying Thought', thereby helping clients to "Do Business Better". Our path breaking innovations and ideas have culminated into the `Wipro Way' – a process which directly impacts customer benefits by improving time-to-market, enhancing predictability and reliability, and cutting costs.
Wipro's Global IT business caters to more than 150 global Fortune 500 clients across financial services, retail, transportation, manufacturing, healthcare services, energy and utilities, technology, telecom and media. We employ over 120,000 people from over 70 nationalities and 72 plus global delivery centers across 5 continents.
Completing the circle of transformation
Wipro, one of the world's most trusted brands, is a name with a long history that powers itself into new ventures. This trust extends to a series of products, services and solutions that cover diverse businesses - from consumer care to cutting-edge information technology. Over the years, our identity has evolved with our business, adapting to changing global dynamics. 

Here's a snapshot of our journey to date:


     Wipro was established in 1945 as a vegetable oil manufacturer in Amalner, Maharashtra. The company at that time was known as Western India Products Limited. Its main area of business was the production of Sunflower Vanaspati Oil, and later on, soaps and other consumer care products


During the late 1970s and 1980s, Wipro began to venture into the fledgling IT industry in India. It was the first to market indigenous Personal Computers in 1985. This phase saw Wipro expand its horizons rapidly and take advantage of the opportunities in the technology space.
It was during 1990s that Wipro took its hardware expertise into the services arena, and was among the pioneers in developing the ODC(Offshore Development Center) concept (popularly known as the Global Delivery Model or GDM). Wipro leveraged this initial success with telecom partners to take our services offering global and provide R&D services (product engineering services) to clients. Today, Wipro is the world's largest outsourced R&D services provider, a business which continues to remain a key differentiator for our communication, manufacturing and technology businesses.


The late 1990s and early 2000s was the time when industry and the way business was conducted changed completely. Globalization was the buzzword while the explosion in telecommunications, followed by the Internet boom and bust, meant that the world was increasingly becoming interconnected. Enterprises hopped onto the global sourcing bandwagon, and soon GDM took on an overarching scale and scope for providers like Wipro. Since then, we have transformed into one of the world's leading software and outsourcing service providers.
The 2000s' decade saw Wipro focus on the IT services and BPO business, which today has become the company's primary growth driver, having grown from negligible revenues to about 70% of Wipro's IT revenues, a testimony to the company's ability to scale new businesses.
Currently, Wipro employs 120,000 employees (March 31, 2011). The company recorded total revenue of $6.98 billion (IT revenues stood at $ 5.2 billion) for the year ended March 31, 2011 while net income for the same year was $1.19 billion. We believe in sustained growth by being a partner to industry leaders, attracting the best leaders, offering industry-leading expertise and continue our steadfast global presence.

The Future:

Looking into the future, what Wipro sees is a new world. It is one where paucity of resources calls for optimized utilization – be it talent, capital or raw materials. It is also a world which is networked and connected and that mandates business model transformation. Both these worlds will be driven by an explosion in real-time information and analysis.

We think that organizations will have to rapidly redesign themselves to enable them to be more responsive to changing customer needs. They will need a partner and co-innovator in this journey to help them transform their business, increase efficiency, enable new business models, innovate at the edge and not just at the core even as they drive experimentation through faster analytics and knowledge.
      Wipro seeks to be that go-to-company for businesses and help get their business future ready.

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Last Updated Date: March 13, 2012


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