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General HR interview questions part 1

General HR interview questions:

      Here we have covered all the important interview questions and their probable answer that can be asked during interview process.
Interview questions are categorized into
  • General Questions 
  • Educational BackgroundGeneral Question

General Questions :

Tell me about yourself

       One of the most effective ways to prepare for this question is to develop a 60-second biographic sketch that emphasizes a pattern of interests, skills, and accomplishments.
My name is Rahul and I am from Mumbai the Industrial capital of India. I did my schooling from Mumbai. After that I perused graduation in B.Com from St.Stephan College with aggregate percentage of 73%. During my graduation I was involved in many extra-curricular activities. I also participated in many debate and dance competitions in which I stood second position. I always believe in right attitude and my strength lies in my positive attitude and to understand every situation in a positive way.

Where do you see yourself five years from now?

"In five years I hope to be work with your organization in a responsible position that enables me to utilize my talents and work closely with my colleagues in solving important problems. I see myself taking on new and exciting challenges in an enjoyable environment and bring some positive result within your organization."

Why did you leave your last job?
          "Sir/Madam I was not getting the challenge and the type of work for which I want to work for. I always had the dream to work with your organization but to be in a safer side I was working in my previous job".

Do you consider yourself successful?

"Yes, I believe in setting goals and thereby putting efforts to achieve that goal. Some times I do fail in achieving goal but immediately after the failure I analyze my mistakes and converting it to the success."

What do you know about this organization?
"For this answer go and search for your organization and make notes of that content and prepare yourself for the interview."

Why do you want to work for this organization?
         Tell something positive things about this company and relate with your goal.
       "Sir/Madam Railway is the biggest employer in the world and is considered as the one of the best management organization which manages thousand of the trains daily, so definitely it would give me the challenge to work, it will teach me to manage everything in a different way apart from this I will get chance to meet different sections of people from the globe and will get the opportunity to resolve their issues."


"Sir/Madam Banking sector is the backbone of the country and your bank is considered as the best customer satisfaction bank so I will not get only chance to work with big brand but also get the opportunity to work in a challenging environment. I will be able to nourish my skill and get opportunity to understand customer's behavior there by nurturing my managerial skill."

 Do you know anyone who works for us?

"If any of your relative/friend/neighbor work for this organization just tell them their post and location."

What are the feedback's you receive from them about our organization?

"Sir/Madam I don't think I need to take any feedback from them as he/she is working from last 8 years and this itself shows that this organization is so good."

     Yes sir/madam we talk sometime and he tells the very interesting facts like working culture and transparency in your process.

Are you a good team player?
 "Yes, I am always involved in class activities during my graduation time and participated in many games in which I played as a team player and won many competitions."

Explain how you would be an asset to this organization OR Why should we hire you?
     "The most important thing in life is a right attitude and I believe myself a positive thinker so this would help to make good coordination with the colleagues there by making the office environment healthy."

Tell me any changes that would you like to bring within this organization.

"As there is no big change required but at some levels little things needs to be changed like proper evaluation of the employee that would help him/her to get better opportunity within organization. Motivation classes which will reduce stress level and up-to-date training on modern functionalities that will make employee more effective and result driven."

What is more important to you: the money or the work?

"Both are equally important. If I am given a good work but not rewarded or paid well then definitely my morale will get reduce similarly if I am paid well but has not been assigned good work then my skill will get down."

What motivates you to do your best on the job?

"Challenging work, continuous learning and career scope"

Would you be willing to relocate if required?

"I always believe in flexibility. But my first priority will always be my home location but in this current scenario I am ready to locate anywhere because at the initial level I have to learn and make me effective".

If you were hiring a person for this job, what would you look for?

"Flexibility, Positive attitude, learning spirit" Do you have any questions for me? "Always have some questions prepared."Or"What is the future plan for your organization in terms of market perspective?" Or "How organization is taking help of technology to become world class organization"

Why have you chosen the government job over private jobs as private jobs gives more salary and perks?

"Recently we have seen the downfall of Satyam this was the eye opener for whole globe that private jobs are not secured, definitely we can get good salary but in terms of life satisfaction and social coordination only government job can give"


"Six pay commissions have already come into existence so we will get the same level of salary as private job gives."

To be secured government job is always being the best over private jobs."

What are your strengths?

"My strengths are interpersonal skills, and I can usually win people over to my point of view. Also, I have good judgment about people and an intuitive sense of their talents and their ability to contribute to a given problem. "


        "I am a regular improver (try to show that you are regular improver). My percentage has consistently increased from class 10th to graduation."

         "I never loose hope this is my third attempt after the two times rejection in written test and this time I cleared the test and sitting in front of you"

What are some of your major weaknesses?

This is not the time to confess all your problems or to confidently say you have no weaknesses. The best way to handle this question is to mention personal weaknesses that should look strength also that you have already improved upon. For example,
          "I have a real weakness for chocolate that tends to go right to my waist! I'm watching my calories carefully these days!"


        "I've never been good with accounting. I'm glad this job doesn't involve accounting."

       "I have a tendency to take on too much on my own. I am working on this by delegating more."


        I am not too much social .I am working on this by interacting relatives/friends and attending social parties

How do you manage stress in your daily work?

    "I try to get out for lunch at least once during the week to clear my head."
       "I memorize the best moment of my life and just reducing the stress."

Last Updated Date: March 11, 2012


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