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Ten Questions JobSeekers can ask the HR

Ten Questions JobSeekers must ask the HR

Many job seekers walk into an interview ill-prepared, expecting the employer to ask all the questions. Contrary to popular belief, the most important questions of the interview might be those that you, the applicant, ask.

Ten Questions JobSeekers can ask the HR

The Top 10 Questions candidate may ask the HR during interview.

1. Can you give me more detail about the position's responsibilities?

2. Where do you see this position going in the next few years?

3. How can I most quickly become a strong contributor within the organization?

4. What are the most challenging aspects of the job for which I am being considered?

5. How will my performance be evaluated, and at what frequency?

6. What particular aspects about my background and experience interest you?

7. What makes you think I will be successful in this job? What causes you concern about my candidacy?

8. Now that we've had a chance to talk, how does my background measure up to the requirements of the job?  To the other candidates?

9. Where are you in the hiring process? What's our next step?

10. If I don't hear from you within (time period), would it be okay to call you?

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Last Updated Date: March 27, 2013


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