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Syntel Company Profile – About Syntel Inc

About Syntel Inc

Each and every day, Syntel helps Global 2000 clients operate their businesses more efficiently through innovation, technology, and wisdom. 
Syntel Company Profile – About Syntel Inc

We deliver flexible, custom Information Technology and Knowledge Process outsourcing solutions that improve quality and reduce costs. More than any other company, we explore, develop and adapt new, better ways to do this through Syntelovation and Innovation Centers.
Our focus and priorities are considerably different from our competition. We are focused on the benefits new delivery models can deliver, not on forcing work to offshore locations. We seek out ways to create new opportunities for your organization. There is no one size fits all solution at Syntel. Your business is unique and so are the opportunities waiting to be discovered.  

We’ve been working at this business since 1980, creating custom solutions, improving our own efficiencies, which has enabled us to grow from a small, local company to a global one, with offices around the world and award-winning development centers in both the United States and India.

Applying our innovations to our own operations has also given us unique insight into how to address our customers’ business issues.  The depth of our experience enables us to guarantee many projects’ success at a fixed price. It is this combination of hands-on experience and relentless focus on business results that has given rise to Syntel’s “Customers for Life” philosophy.

This way of working gives us the sort of intimacy with our clients that yields a sense of partnership, with all hands fixed on the same goal. The partnership runs more smoothly because of Syntel’s sensitivity to our clients’ corporate cultures and our ability to align what we do and how we do it with how they work.

We have structured our organization to give clients what they need, when they need it, and built in ways to uncover new opportunities for them before they realize it themselves.

All in all, Syntel is a company devoted to exceeding the expectations of our customers, day in and day out. We are dedicated to our mission to create new opportunities for our customers by harnessing the passion, talent, and innovation of Syntellers worldwide. Worldwide, Syntellers are committed to living our brand: Consider IT Done®.

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Last Updated Date: February 11, 2013


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